Safe Investing

Protect Your Finances From Fraudulent Calls

Anyone can fall victim to an investment scam and lose their investments. The most common way to scam an investor is through fraudulent calls. Identifying fraudsters can be difficult as well becomes much more challenging than any other scamming technique, and It has come to our notice that there are scammers using our investment agency’s name to trick investors out of their money.

We understand that identifying fraudsters can be difficult and here at Creditbulls, the safety of your investments is our number one priority. This is why we not only maintain transparency in our investment plans but also help you become aware of the red flags to look for in a fraudulent call claiming to be an investment agent from our company.

Warning Signs To Watch For In A Fraudulent Call

Unsolicited Calls

Our investment agents only call you if you have previously communicated with us by mail or phone. We rarely call for promotional purposes. In addition, our investment agents will call from a registered number. So, if someone claiming to be a Creditbulls agent calls you out of the blue, that’s a red flag.

High-Pressure Calls

No offer is so time-sensitive that you are forced to decide immediately. Our investment agents understand the need to be patient for you to make the right decision with your investments. This is why we don’t pressure our investors to invest in a scheme right away. If you receive such high-pressure calls, they are not from our investment agency.

Automated Calls

If you receive automated calls where the message is pre-recorded, that’s probably a scam call. We believe in providing a personal experience to every investor, which is why we don’t harass you with robocalls or use AI bots to explain our investment plans. Instead, only our trusted agents will call you from a registered number.

How To Protect Yourself From Scam Calls

  1.  Verify the contact number and ensure it is registered under our investment agency. Click here for the link of number. All the underlined content is supposed to be a hyperlink for the contact page.
  2.  Do not invest in any scheme that offers benefits without giving you sufficient information. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We offer 2.00% investment rates on your monthly income and fixed deposit investments every month. Any offer other than that is your sign to hang up the call.
  3. Let the investment agent verify your details before discussing any investment schemes with them. And only give any personal information, such as bank details, on-call after checking the registered number.
  4. Slow down and ask questions to the person on the other end of the phone. Our registered investment agent will be happy to solve all your queries for your investment needs, but a scammer might pressure you right away.
  5. After getting a call that claims to be an agent from Creditbulls, you can call on our toll-free number and cross-verify with our investment agency to check whether you have been a victim of fraudulent calls.

Note: If you have invested in any scheme without verifying the contact number, Creditbulls will not bear any responsibility for any loss incurred.

Got A Fraudulent Call?

Verify the contact number by contacting us at or calling the toll-free number, and a Creditbulls representative from our investment agency will be happy to help.