General Questions

Pre Investment

ITR questions

  • When do I start getting returns on my investment?

    When you invest with Creditbulls, you start getting returns on the very first month of your monthly income plan or fixed deposit investment.
    We always credit your bank account with returns on the first day of each month, and if that day happens to be a bank holiday, the deposit will be made on the very next first working day of the month.

  • Are your investment plans risk-free?

    Yes, our fixed deposit investments and monthly income plans are almost risk-free. Creditbulls offers the highest returns in the industry and we have a track record of 100% timely payments so you can rest assured knowing your investment will always yield profitable returns.
  • How do I know where my money is going and how my investment is performing?

    Of course. At Creditbulls, we believe in transparency and we value your trust. We send all our investors performance reports which detail the sectors and stocks Creditbulls invested in on your behalf and show you how they are performing so you know exactly where your money is going.
    The performance report is sent directly to the investor’s email on the first day of each month for the entire duration of their tenure.
  • I am an NRI, can I still invest with Creditbulls?

    Absolutely. NRIs can invest in Creditbulls to receive a passive monthly income.
    However, you need to be an Indian bank account holder to be eligible for our investment plans. You cannot invest with Creditbulls using a foreign bank account.
  • How do I add a nominee?

    A nominee can be added during the policy period of your monthly income plan or fixed deposit investment plan. After the agreement policy, you can also change your nominee if you wish to.
  • What documents are required for the nominee?

    To establish the identity of the nominee, we require the following documentation:
    • A valid passport-sized photo of the nominee
    • The PAN card of the nominee
    • A single cancelled cheque from the nominee.
    • Aadhar card.
  • How does the investment process work?

    Our MIP and fixed deposit investment process follow a simple 3-step process.
    1. Choose an investment plan.
    2. Submit your KYC documents to establish your identity.
    3. Invest via net banking or send us an investment cheque.

  • What makes a person eligible for investment with Creditbulls?

    As long as you have a savings account, you can invest with Creditbulls and start earning. Our monthly income plans and fixed deposit plans are especially ideal for retired pensioners, investment seekers looking to expand their investment portfolios and anyone looking forward to a stable monthly income at almost zero risks.
  • What is the least amount of money I can invest?

    The minimum amount of money you can invest on your monthly income plan or fixed deposit investment plan is Rs. 1 lakh. 

  • Can I invest in the same plan multiple times?

    Yes. You can invest in the same plan as many times as you wish, and if you require, you can choose a different tenure plan on your investment as per your needs.
  • Is my income subject to taxes?

    Yes. All income earned from your investment with Creditbulls is subject to income tax as governed by the prevailing law and tax regulations.